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Digital Toki Orca Experience

You can now take home a digital version of Toki the Orca! Toki comes with the Salish Sea Habitat and Chinhook Salmon! Sales go towards helping REAL Orcas!
Available now!

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Take Home Your Own DJ Octo!

You can now take home everyone's favorite Octopus DJ in two different plushie sizes Each order gets a promo code for a free Digital Collectible!
Available now while supplies last!

Take Home DJ Octo

Discover Feeshes: The Ultimate Digital Pets Without the Fuss!

Design Your Dream Tank! Accessorize, Personalize, and Showcase it Anywhere - TVs, Second Screens, or Dive Right Into Virtual Reality!

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What Are Feesh?

They're 10k Unique Telepathic Digital Pets in MagicWater™ filled Tanks! Dive into Games, Mysteries & Exclusive Feesh Events. All Fun, No Chores!

Feesh Tanks & Beyond: Craft Your Digital Haven

Effortlessly Customize Your Feesh Sanctuary! Choose Lights, Backgrounds, and Unique Accessories. Dive into VR, or Showcase on TVs, Monitors & Mobiles—Craft Your Personal Digital Masterpiece!

The Enigma of Feesh City

Join the Adventure: Unravel Telepathic Feesh Tales, Discover Magic Water™ Secrets, and Decode a City of Mysteries!

Step into the Real Magic of Feeshissippi!

Explore a Tangible Paradise atop a Concealed Waterpark in The Republic of Slowjamastan. Dive into Real-World Tales, Bond with Global Feesh Fans & Discover Secret Delights!

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Sign up now and welcome a FREE Standard Feesh into your life! Create an account, and your new Feesh friend will be added to your tank. Assist them in settling in and watch them reveal their unique personality as you build up your tank. Become a part of their incredible journey. Sign up now and plunge into this captivating adventure!

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Feesh Digital Collectible Experience

For those thirsting for that extra splash of exclusivity and distinction, mint your very own Feesh Digital Collectible. Just tap into a Web3-enabled wallet, and for a mere 0.033 ETH (plus gas), you can reel in a one-of-a-kind Feesh from our treasure trove of 10k possibilities -- INCLUDING one of the 1k MEGA Feeshes!

So why wait? Make a splash and mint up to 10 mesmerizing Feeshes in a single go! Dive in now!

For assistance or issues please reach out on the FeeshCord

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Check out this tutorial from VeveMagic