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Welcome to FEESHES!

1. Buy Feesh

At least one, better in pairs

2. Set Up a Tank

Create and Customizable

3. Share & Enjoy!

Immediate use + Airdrops


Feeshes start off as 10,000 unique one of a kind digital collectibles but they are so much more than that. Just like you, they have a journey, a story, and a future that is unknown. Each Feesh is delivered in their Feesh bag that allows you to create your own personal feesh tank(s) and follow along their journey while you watch every fin flip of the way.

What is a FEESH?

Feeshes start their lives as a Non-fungible 2D art asset. After you purchase your unique Feesh it is then connected to a Feesh Tank where they come alive, animate, and live inside their (your) very own Feesh Tank! Owning a Feesh is your ticket to gain access to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to feed my Feesh or clean up its tank?
You don't “Have” to look after your Feesh as they have special nutrient virtual water that keeps them generally healthy all year round, however sometimes interacting with your tank and feesh could lead to… interesting results.
Can my Feesh die?
Of course they can! What do you think we are, Gods?!.... Enjoy them as much as you can as you never know when your Feesh may pass to the other side… and no one knows what the other side will do to your tank.. and your happy, fun loving Feesh!
How much is a Feesh?
You can start your journey with your very own Feesh and Feesh tank for only 0.033!
What blockchain does this project use?
Your Feesh will be minted on Ethereum. The airdrops will be sent out via Polygon. Feeshes will be 100% Opensea ready
What airdrops will I get?
Feeshes is a journey, an adventure, an experience that is not going to be the usual buy NFT and your Feesh is the start of the journey. Airdrops will form part of that journey and will evolve into the future. They could include elements such as rare accessories, tank addons, treasure maps, time machine parts… and many more.
What's the project's discord?
FEESHCord Come and join in the discussions and speculations. You can also share your journey with us on our twitter
Have more Questions? Reach out on Twitter and we'll answer things as quickly as we're able to. Any frequently asked questons will be updated here.

The Plan for FEESHES

We in the Feeshes team are committed to growing the Feeshes user community and provide a fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience. To do this we make the commitment that for every feeshy sold a % of profits will be fed straight back into development and air drops.

To help articulate what to expect from that commitment.

25% Sold
At least 12 months of content (one item every month) post launch
40% Sold
Tanks will be developed to allow other NFT projects to be a backdrop to your tank
50% Sold
We will open the Feeshes ecosystem to enable other NFT developers to create unique content. Taking personalisation to the next level.
75% Sold
Continuing development of the Feeshes mechanics to open up more opportunities to interact with your Feesh and others fellow Feesh collectors.
100% Sold
A solid commitment for 24 months of content (one item every month) post launch, greater collaboration with the entire NFT community along with a fully open ecosystem to enable Feeshes to become the place to view and share your NFTs in a unique and beautiful method.


0.033 ETH + gas each

You'll need a Web3 Browser to mint so download the Metamask Extention if you're on a desktop computer. Download the mobile App if you're on mobile and visit this same URL via the app.

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For assistance or issues please reach out on the FeeshCord

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